About Affect the Effect

AFFECT THE EFFECT: Showcasing Music, Helping People

Description:  Based in Culver City, CA “Affect the Effect” grew out of NetteRadio’s monthly 2nd Friday Fundraiser which started as a monthly showcase with the occasional fundraiser in late 2007. These events grew over the years to a committed monthly fundraiser by August 2010 with the official title “Affect the Effect” in place in December 2010.  By showcasing music and artists from the NetteRadio playlist, and showcasing a variety of charitable agencies, NetteRadio turned an average Friday night into an opportunity to help the local and world community, raise awareness of local and world issues, and raise money to support these non-profit agencies on a local and global level utilizing the shared social media resources leveraged by the artists and the non profit agency.  By sharing resources both the artist and non-profit benefit from increased exposure. Many artists also walk away from the events saying they feel ‘inspired’ and as if they were ‘a part of something good and important’.

To better fulfill our goals Affect The Effect is filing for non-profit status in first quarter 2014.


AFFECT THE EFFECT ‘showcases music and helps people’. It gives artists a platform to be a part of change and hope and an opportunity use their music and social media to raise awareness of the beneficiary selected each month. The beneficiary and their supporters are exposed to the artists and have the opportunity to become supporters and fans and spread awareness through their network. This synchronistic support is just one aspect of how we can AFFECT THE EFFECT.

Mission Statement:

AFFECT THE EFFECT ‘s mission is to create fundraiser showcases where artists expose their music to new audiences and donations are raised for a rotating list of beneficiaries. AFFECT THE EFFECT supports local and global non-profits and has a long-term sustainable goal of teaching bands how to create their own fundraisers under the AFFECT THE EFFECT umbrella.


If you have a non-profit that you would like to submit please contact me at:
connect AT affect the effect DOT org

If you have a band that you would like to submit please visit NetteRadio.com for more details.