Waldo Canyon Fire

My family is affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire. My parents have evacuated. My brother-in-law is fighting the fire (He is a Wescott Fireman/EMT) and everyone is frightened and on edge.

I’m here in Los Angeles and want to DO something so I have tried to collect in-kind donations. You can help, too.

I’ve contacted the following: Clif Bars (they said they would make a donation!), BlueWave Water Bottles, Fruit of the Loom (for underwear and socks), PetCo (for donations for the Humane Society for all of the pet evacuees), Procter and Gamble for Duracell Batteries, REI for sleeping bags, backpack, camping gear, and more. I’ve also tweeted to Gatorade and Fiji Water several times. I’ve asked for donations to be made to Care and Share. You can make a donation to Care and Share too (www.careandshare.org).

To date 900 fire- men and women are fighting to save Colorado Springs and over 32,000 people have been evacuated and displaced. The fire is not expected to be at 100% containment until July 16, 2012 however there is no date posted for when the fire will be completely extinguished.

Your donation, your help, will help effect a change. It is the one thing we can do to join the fight and help save Colorado Springs.



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